Apie mus

“Fons Misericordiae” (Spring of Mercy) is an initiative that originated in the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy to proclaim God’s Mercy not only in the sanctuary but also to believers.

Everything started from a simple candle with the inscription “Jesus, I trust in you”, and the assortment of natural beeswax candles began to grow, reflecting not only daily inspirations but also religious occasions.

After some time, the idea arose to bring light and peace not only with the light of a candle but also with its scent. First, the “Scents of the Holy Land” series appeared, followed by the “Biblical Candles” series, which illustrates various biblical characters or events. Each newly emerged series of scented candles encompasses not only the religious aspect but also the humanitarian and cognitive one.

Today, the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy rejoices in all the volunteers who have joined in the making of beeswax and scented candles.

Ora et labora - with prayer and work, we proclaim faith, hope, and love.